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Whenever you need a professional handyman to rely on for solving any issues that may occur in your house or office, our company will be the right place to call. Atlantic Handyman Service LLC is a highly professional company that is proud of the numerous opportunities we have had to serve the residents of Gaithersburg, MD and all the surrounding areas for years. Since our first day, we have dedicated our time and efforts to providing a wide array of expert and efficient handyman service options at competitive prices. We take pride in our high quality work and excellent customer care that we provide in our striving to bring you complete satisfaction.


Whenever you are looking for an experienced commercial or residential handyman, Atlantic Handyman Service LLC will be glad to respond. Over all this time, we have successfully worked with our individual and business clients on various projects. Our great team is experienced in handling any type of job, regardless of its scale or complexity. We specialize in offering expert and efficient handyman service solutions for your house and office needs. We can offer competitive prices and excellent customer care,  and we have confidence in our ability to bring our customers in Gaithersburg, MD and all the surrounding areas complete satisfaction.

If you are looking for high quality services for your home or office, call us now at (301) 804-3846!

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